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Making Bulgaria a click away from your perfect holiday vacation was a mission we’ve been working on for years. And it is finally here at the palm of your hand...

It all started back in 2012 when the parent company ‘Avatar Tour’ emerged in the market as a DMC (Destination Management Company) offering high quality tourism services to major tour operators from Europe. From the moment our travellers landed at the airport we took care of all their needs to ensure a safe and pleasant stay during their holiday.

Everything was going great, but staying offline could not last much longer. We were searching for a way to connect to travellers all around the globe and with the help of technology we started working on our business independence.

Our goal was to develop a platform that could make travelling efficient. A single gateway for all your needs to experience the destination at its best - accommodation, transfers and even desired activities. Everything arranged and booked within minutes of your time at any point of the world. To have the option to forge your own unique experience with a personalized route and custom tailored solutions with 24/7 support from our experienced staff.

It took us a lot of effort, many mistakes and failures in the process. But during all the attempts to find the right team of individuals with the same passion, vision and goals paid off exactly at the moment of a crisis. In late 2020 when the great pandemic hit the tourism industry, everything seemed lost… Hope… Future…

But it was also a moment to take a breath,  look back and reflect. To start over and see the bigger picture. It was an opportunity to transform ordinary tourism to something extraordinary. To provide unique, personalized experiences with the highest safety measures. Suddenly, it all snapped … and we are here!


Vacantina is an innovative online platform offering a wide range of tourism services in Bulgaria. We work closely with our customers to help them plan and organize all elements of their next holiday with an efficient, cost effective and professional manner.

At our company we are committed to provide our clients with high quality service at competitive costs and to allow the maximum enjoyment of the richness of our country with the backing of professionals of vast experience in the field of tourism. Your safety and enjoyment is our priority.


We offer a huge selection of services and products to choose from. Our offerings are adapted to the needs and expectations of various client groups. This allows us to maintain a presence in almost all market segments and be flexible to the customer’s taste.



With strong influence and good relationship with hotels, we offer attractive rates , high availability and big selection of over 200 accommodation offerings across the country.
We provide a variety of activities and trips that will make your stay unforgettable! From sea to mountain, cultural or natural sights, heart pumping or leisure experience it is up to you to decide. Or if you are an adventurous soul and like to explore at your own pace then you should check our “Road Trip Bulgaria” one-day tours.
We will ensure your safe arrival and departure with our convenient transportation services. Book a hassle-free ride to the resort and back for you and your travel companions without worrying about driving around!
Dive into the fascinating culture and nature of Bulgaria with our organized group tours across the country. Spend memorable days exploring unique routes full of rich history and beautiful sights.
We are pleased to introduce to you our new revolutionary product – BG 1on1 – All-inclusive self-driven tour. Take on an unforgettable journey and explore the magnificent land of Bulgaria with its unique and magical nature, culture and traditions, all in the intimacy with your own family and friends. Travel in the comfort of your own car or rent one of our comfortable vehicles. Everything else we will arrange for you


Passion (to satisfy our customers)

Trust (by treating our staff and clients with respect and integrity)

Honesty (Reputation is hard to win and easy to lose. We set such high importance on integrity, honesty and fairness across the whole organization)

Safety (Risk-free booking, pre-checked trips and accommodations and outstanding support at all times)

Communication (we value good communication in listening and understanding what our clients want and need)

Knowledge (we always aim to improve and learn new things to adapt in our business model for better experience and service towards our clients)

Fun (And last but not least, we help to create enjoyable environment to satisfy both our staff and clients so that they feel happy where they are)



Travelling with Vacantina means safety, reliability and value. We take extreme care to provide you with great experience without compromising your security or breaking the bank! 



we strive to provide you with new tours and adventures in areas that are less visited by tourists


we offer great value for what you pay for!


booking with us is easy and safe


we offer you unrivaled customer service that will take care of your needs

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