These General Terms and Conditions are created for the purposes of the operation of, briefly called "Website " in the texts below. is managed by Avatar Tour Ltd., hereinafter referred to as "Tour Operator" . These conditions will apply to: ( I ) YOUR INFORMATION; ( II) USE OF THE WEBSITE; (III) OUR PRODUCTS AND SERIVICES; ( IV ) PRICES, RESERVATIONS, PAYMENTS; ( V ) RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF THE PARTIES;  and ( VI ) GENERAL PROVISIONS.              is owned and operated by Avatar Tour Ltd. , registered in Bulgaria with address: 137, Todor Alexandrov Blvd., 1309 Sofia Center, Sofia and which operates under a number of brands. 

We are a certified and legal tour operator with license number "PK-01-6888", issued in Sofia in 2012, and we have an insurance policy number 13052310000080/13.02.23, to IC "Lev Ins" Jsc, 67A Simeonovsko shose Blvd., Sofia, with tel: 02/404 94 92; 0800 15 333.


The certificate of insurance and the license of the tour operator could be found on the Website.

Please make sure that you have carefully read all sections of the Terms and Conditions below before using our Website .

Your use and access to any page or part of our Website indicates that you agree to abide by, and you are bound by these terms and conditions.


If you do not agree with the following Terms and Conditions, you will not have access to some of the features or you will not be able to buy and use our products and services.   




From 25 May 2018, the "General Data Protection Regulation" , or shortly GDPR , is in force in all Member States of the European Union and the European Economic Area. The GDPR aims to harmonize the different data protection laws in the Members States, leading to more standardized protection for all European citizens. is built according to this regulatory change, since as a team we have always aspired to provide to our clients the highest security and protection of their personal data.    


We use a variety of modern technologies to provide both a secure environment for our Website and secure storage of the information on our servers , constantly monitoring traffic and adapting to global cybersecurity trends to ensure the reliability and justify the trust of our customers.

All data provided by you or collected while using our website will be used and stored by us in accordance with our Privacy policy.  


  1. Privacy policy. 


Our website uses different types of cookies to gather the necessary information that helps us to improve the quality of our services, to provide more adequate and personalized offers to our customers, to evaluate marketing and market campaign effect, and so on.

You can find more about cookies here: 

Below you can find details about what information we use in the different scenarios: 

      1.1. When you register for any of our services, you agree to provide us with:


  • Your personal data, including your address, email address, telephone number and date of birth.          

  • Login information for your account, such as the username and password that you have received/selected.          


1.2. When browsing on our Website or use our mobile applications, we can collect the following data :


  • Your travel preferences.          

  • Information about your browsing behaviour on our website          

  • Information about how you respond, what do you open, and the traffic that you generate in relation to any of our ads, including those displayed on other organizations' websites.           

  • Information on how you access our digital services, including operating system, IP address, online identifiers and details of the browser you use.          

  • Social preferences, interests and activities taken into account when using our Website, etc.         


1.3. When you buy our products and services, we may collect:


  • Passenger information, passport data, other identity document’s data.          

  • Insurance data.          

  • Relevant data on your special requirements such as: dietary, religious, medical, and other characteristics. 

  • Information about your purchases, including what you bought, when and where you bought it, how you paid for it and other information. *           

  • About your behaviour when browsing on our website and related mobile applications.           

  • Information about how you respond, what do you open, and the traffic you generate in relation to any of our ads, including those displayed on other organizations' websites.          

  • Information on how you access our digital services, including operating system, IP address, online identifiers and browser details.          

  • Social preferences, interests and activities reported when using our Website, etc.            


* Note: Avatar Tour does NOT collect personal information about debit/credit card or other payment instruments of the customers.    

In order to provide the use of the purchased products or services we may share your personal data with suppliers and contractors directly related to the provision of the service, including airlines, hotels, restaurants and entertainment facilities, tourist sites, transport companies and others.


It is also possible to share your personal data in case of official request by the relevant state authorized persons and institutions, as well as to prevent fraud and reduce credit risk, or to establish, exercise or protect our legal rights.


We would like to inform you that we work with carefully selected trusted vendors and contractors , working under GDPR, which perform certain functions on our behalf , including /except the abovementioned subcontractors/ companies that help us with provision of IT services, storage and combination of the data, marketing and advertising campaigns, statistical reports, payment processing and delivery of products and services.


We share only the minimum personal data that enables our suppliers, contractors and subcontractors to provide the products and services you have requested.


We know how important it is to protect and manage your personal information. We take appropriate security measures to protect your personal data from accidental loss and from unauthorized access, use, alteration and disclosure. 


When we share personal data with other organizations, we require them to use it only for the purposes for which we have authorized it in accordance with the relevant assignment, and to keep it secure. They may not use the data we provide for any of their own purposes or marketing campaigns.


The security of your data is also up to you. For example, when we have provided you with, or you have chosen a password to access certain services, you are responsible for keeping that password confidential. 


The personal data we collect from you may be transferred and stored in a destination outside the European Economic Area ("EEA"). It can also be processed by non-EEA organizations working for us or one of our suppliers. We put in place appropriate protections to ensure that your personal data remains adequately protected and that it is treated in accordance with these terms and conditions and in accordance with applicable laws /GDPR/. These protections include, but are not limited to, appropriate contractual clauses - standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission, and appropriate measures against cyber-attacks.


Through the provision of your personal contacts, you agreed to receive short messages, emails or other communications from the Tour operator or the Website in reference to the status of your orders, reservations or access profile, or different marketing campaigns and offers, changes of conditions and terms of the Website, etc.   

The messages will be sent only from the official contacts of the Tour Operator or the Website.




  1. Authorized use. 


You may use this website only:


  • for your personal, non-commercial use (which must be within reasonable it and without the risk of abuse);                    

  • to find information, check availability and get an idea of our products and services;                   

  • for purposes legally related to the purchase of our products and services;                    

  • to access or retrieve your travel information and/or reservation data, manage your preferences or contacting us regarding your bookings or travel arrangements;                   

  • Submit and share your opinion, ratings, reviews and comments about our products and services.                   


  1. Unauthorized use. 


You agree that you will not:


  • enter, retrieve, use it or copy any materials or information from this website for any commercial or illegal purposes. In particular, you may not copy (whether by printing, storing, or otherwise), distributing (including distributing copies), altering or tampering in any way, or using any material contained on this website, except printing  separate pages for your own personal use;                      

  • use this Website in a manner that causes or may cause harm to the rights of any other parties, or which violates the standards, regulations or codes published by the relevant authority;                    

  • to use this website in any way that interferes or affects the performance of the website or our systems , or that interferes in any way the use of other users on the website;          

  • to obtain or to try to get unauthorized access to our website, our systems and information, or information and other data about reservations of other users and customers;                      

  • create an unauthorized, false or fraudulent reservation via the Website.                   



  1. Use of information, photographs, and other intellectual property. displays to the users registered and unregistered intellectual property such as trademarks, designs, data, content, copyrighted material and trademarks rights with rights to use it in Bulgaria and the European Union. Other company, product, and third party content names and brands displayed on this website are the property of their respective owners and are used only with their express consent. 

You are not allowed to use any of the signs, icons, logos of our website, unless written permission is given. You are also not allowed to place meta tags on any of these characters. 


Unless otherwise stated, we own (or have a license to use) the intellectual property rights , content and information on this website, including (without limitation) all text, sound, photos, images, logos, videos, maps, podcasts , blogs, customer reviews, graphics, design, basic source code and software. Subject to the "Authorized Use" section above, the materials and information on this Website may not, in whole or in part, be reproduced, copied, reissued, downloaded, published, broadcast or transmitted in any form or medium without our permission and/or prior written permission of their original owner.


  1. External links.


If you want to include external reference /hyperlinks/ to our website, you must have our written permission, and it can happen solely and only on our homepage.


This website contains links to other websites, which may be websites operated by companies or brands that are not directly related to us, or external websites operated by our selected suppliers or partners, or third party websites. In some cases we can suggest or display links to external websites while you are browsing, book or use other functionality of this website in order to connect you directly to websites that can be not only other websites of the Tour operator but also such of its subcontractors, suppliers or connected third party websites. 

These links are available so that you can quickly and easily search and purchase additional services; find detailed additional information about the services we offer and for your booked personal travel arrangements, or find out about the products and services of other partner companies and brands that might be interesting for you.   


Please note that we are not directly responsible for the above websites, nor do we administer their content, and your access to and use of these websites will be subject to the terms and conditions of these websites.


  1. Website Resources. provides various online services, tools and functionality to help the use of the Website and the purchase of our products and services. The information we put on the relevant pages will help you more easily to find the right product or service, understand and book our products and services (as well as those provided by our chosen partners), to enable you to access the content we provide, interact with us, send and share your opinion and reviews with us or other customers /indirectly/.  


  1. Client’s account. 


6.1. Account setup.  


When you make a reservation with us, an account will be created for you. You will receive an email once you have made your reservation requesting that you activate your account. If you do not have a reservation with us, you can still register for an account by providing your name and email address and create a password / initially you may be provided with an automatically generated one that you can change later/. If you make a reservation with us after you have registered an account, you will be able to see this reservation in your account, as long as you use the same email address with which you used for registration. 

You are responsible for protecting your password and for all activities that occur in / through your account.


6.2. Your reservations.   


The account holder is the one who can make reservations, pay and will be able to preview the detailed information about both current reservations and old reservations, including unconfirmed, unpaid and cancelled reservations, as well as all the information in the account. 


The account holder and the one who reserves and buys a product or service must always be an adult.


  1.                      OUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES. is a platform offering mainly tourist products and services, including own ones or such provided by the respective subcontractors and resold by us:


  • Accommodation - in hotels, motels, hostels, apartments, guest houses, and other accommodation;        

  • Meals - in the hotel, restaurants, or other licensed places.         

  • Transfers - individual, group, on request or according to the schedule.         

  • Excursions - one-day, individual, group, tours, etc.         

  • Car rental         

  • Others - tickets for tourist sites, tourist vouchers, etc.         


Usually, when you buy our products and services, and book under the conditions written in , your agreement is made with the licensed tour operator and administrator of the Website - Avatar Tours LTD. 

There are also cases where Avatar Tour LTD acts as an agent of another provider of premade package services, which does not affect the liability of Avatar Tour Ltd. to the client, thus the contract is still between the Client and Avatar Tour Ltd.


In addition, when you book any products or services from us, the process will always be governed by and subject to these Terms and Conditions and those additional terms that may be applied by the respective contractor or subcontractor and specified in the relevant products and offers description. 

Any additional conditions and information will be presented to you before purchasing the relevant products and services. (Represented as "Terms of the contract" , terms of service or campaign, “additional terms and conditions”, etc.). 

The aggregation of all conditions is representing generally the complex agreement between the Customer and the Tour operator in terms of their subject. 


When you click “continue”, “next”, “accept”, etc. after the display of the additional conditions of the reservation, you acknowledge that you have read and understood all the terms of the contract and agree to be bound by the implementation and compliance.   

In case that you do not accept or you are unable to accept any of our terms or conditions of the contract, you will have to terminate the booking process.  


Additional conditions may vary depending on the different products and services we offer. 


Browsing and using, you agree that you are bound by the General conditions.

 Making reservation and paying selected products and services – confirms your commitment with not only the General conditions but also with the additional terms and conditions of the specific product or service. 


It should be noted that when there is a discrepancy between the General Terms and Conditions and the specific terms of a product/service/campaign, the Specific Terms apply to it with priority. 

For our part, we undertake to always present each type of conditions clearly and appropriately to ensure that the Client has seen, understood and agreed with the relevant specifics before committing a transaction.


It should be borne in mind that Avatar Tour Ltd. can provide accommodation, transport, catering and other services through a wide range of suppliers and subcontractors. The provision of these products and services will also be subject to the terms of each supplier or subcontractor; respectively these terms will be included in the specific terms or contract to these products and services.  


Please note that the official categorization and standardization of hotels, restaurants and other tourist sites and attractions is given by the relevant authorities, therefore Avatar Tour Ltd. is not responsible for the discrepancy between the official categorization and the current level of service.       

However, we take care to contribute to the correct choice and awareness of our customers by offering and recommending proven products and services, marking them with the appropriate distinctive banners or signs.  

The products and services offered by are intended for adults /or at least the holder of the reservation must be one/.  

Our products and services cannot be purchased by underage persons /minors.

We will take care of your comfort and satisfaction with the purchased products and services even during their use. Our representatives will be available to place in the destination*, in case of need. Contacts and more information you will receive as part of your documentation that you will receive after the purchase of relevant products and services.        

* The tour operator provides additional information about the presence of a representatives or existence of an office in the different regions in which it operates. Such information will be provided in an additional section of the Website and in the relevant attached contacts and conditions to each reservation’s confirmation.




  1. Prices.             

The prices announced and displayed on, which the client sees, will always be in EURO, including VAT and all taxes and fees, unless stated otherwise.

When necessary, it will be stated when the price is per person or for the whole reservation, per room, package, final price or deposit only, and will be accompanied by information about the included level of service, other services included in the package, as well as the relevant fees.

Avatar Tour Ltd. undertakes to monitor the submission of displaying complete and correct information about products and services and their prices.

Avatar Tours Ltd also ensures that there are no hidden fees or extra charges other than those referred in the terms of a product or service displayed on

Please note that the information and offers are updated in real time, so there may be a difference in the terms of an offer if the time when you first saw it and the time of the actual booking fall on two different days. This may happen due to the expiration of validity of certain offers, updating the pricing policy, updating other conditions of the offer. Therefore it is advisable to book through the website after reading carefully the price and conditions. If you are not able to continue and pay for your reservation and the initial acquaintance with the offer, please review the conditions once again every time you return to your booking. 


  1. Reservations.             

Each individual reservation is considered valid only after it has been prepaid / fully paid with the respective amounts and the respective payment document has been issued for it, as well as a voucher / or ticket /.

When you prepay for a service, it is reserved for you until the deadline for final payment /does not apply to fully paid reservations/. In the absence of the final payment requested services are RELEASED and deposit refunded after deduction of fees described in point cancellations and cancellation of requested services.*

*In some cases the full deposit could be kept as penalty if the amount is corresponding with the cancellation terms and conditions.


2.1. Booking process

Usually the booking process via the Website will follow the following model:

Loading; >>> Enter search details; >>> View products / services on the specific detail or from the list; >>> Selecting a product / service; >>> Enter specific booking details; >>> Checking availability; >>> If available, enter details / personal data for the client/s; >>> Review of the entire reservation and the generated conditions >>> Review and confirmation of the General Terms and Conditions >>> Confirmation of all details by the Client and submission of the completed reservation; >>> Choosing a method of payment >>> Payment of the respective deposit/or full amount /; >>> Receiving a confirmation with an invoice/if it is fully prepaid - receiving the voucher/ticket >>> Receiving an email or other notification for the next/deadline for payment. >>> Pay the rest of the amount according to the reservation by the chosen method of payment; >>> Receives invoices, vouchers and other travel documents, as well as additional information; >>> Using the reserved service;


2.2. Documents that will be sent to you when making a reservation:

When you make a deposit on your reservation, you will receive:

  • Confirmation by email;       

  • Receipt /invoice for paid deposit;

  • Additional information /in some cases/;  

When you prepay your reservation in full, the following documents will be provided:

  • Invoice / receipt for the made payment ;      

  • Voucher / ticket;       

  • Contract with the Tour Operator /when such is required by the Tourism Act/Law/;     

  • Information in details about the product /service/ package.        

  • Other /advertising brochure, contact information, descriptions, etc./        


2.3. Documents that you need to have with you and present on the spot in order to use the reserved service:

  • Voucher / ticket;        

  • ID card / passport;        

  • In specific cases, additional documents such as power of attorney, receipt of payments, etc.        


  1. Payments.             

3.1. Payment methods.

To make it more convenient for our customers, our platform offers several payment methods:

  • Debit / credit card;        

  • Bank transfer;     

  • Cash payment in our offices;

Each type of payment is secured and backed up with the relevant documentation.

3.2. Terms of payment.

Unless stated otherwise in each offer, the general terms and conditions of payment apply.

The general conditions for payments will be:

  • Deposit* of 50% after confirmation of your reservations/availability, usually if you book through the Website - after confirmation of the reservation by your side another window with payment options will be provided and then you should make the deposit.

If booked by email based on information from the Website – the deposit should be done up to 24 hours after confirmation by us.             

Please note that the information and offers are updated in real time, so there may be a difference in the terms of an offer if the time when you first saw it and the time of the actual booking fall on two different days. This may happen due to the expiration of validity of certain offers, updating the pricing policy, updating other conditions of the offer. Therefore it is advisable to book through the website after reading carefully the price and conditions. If you are not able to continue and pay for your reservation and the initial acquaintance with the offer, please review the conditions once again every time you return to your booking. 

The deposit may vary in specific cases and the relevant information will be visibly displayed in the terms of the corresponding offer.

  • The rest of the total amount must be paid no later than 14 days before starting date of the service, if not stated otherwise.

Again, we note that in some cases the total amount may have to be paid in a different way than described above (even as a total when making the initial reservation) and this will be clearly written in the relevant price offer conditions.

For your convenience, the system will automatically send you an email reminder a few days before the deadline for payment of the full obligations as per the booked products and services.

NB: Reserved products and services can be used only after they have been paid in full and after presenting the corresponding documentation - voucher/ticket and the relevant personal documents at the place of receipt and use of the product/service.


  1. Changes in prepaid reservations.             

Unless stated otherwise in the respective offer on which basis the reservation is made, the changes in the prepaid reservations follow the following conditions:

  • Changes can be made up to 14 days before arrival - an administrative fee of EUR20 per reservation is charged.   

  • Changes made less than 14 days before the start date of the service may be subject to a penalty.        

  • The changes may affect the price, may lead to the fall off of a previously applied special offer, different payment terms, etc. This information, if not yet included in the pre-booking conditions in detail, will be provided to the Customer for confirmation before the requested change is made.         


  1. Denial of prepaid reservations /Cancellation/.             

Reserved services can be cancelled at any time.

The cancellation of a prepaid reservation is made in writing /email/ from the client's email as indicated in his profile on the Website or in the reservation data and sent to the official email of the Website - [email protected] or specified in the information to booking email.

Cancellation could be also made in person in our offices after signing corresponding protocol.

Lack of a written request by the holder of the prepaid reservation is not accepted as cancellation and is taxed as no-show of the Client.

Refusal to pay the remaining amount of the reservation or refusal to pay a deposit leads to automatic cancellation of the application.

Unless stated otherwise, the cancellation at the request of the Client follows the following conditions:

  • We do not charge a penalty for cancellations made up to 14 days / but not including the 14th day / before the start date of the service, but we charge an administrative fee of EUR20.

  • Cancellations submitted less than 14 days before the arrival /start date of the service/ will be charged a penalty within the deposit, but not more than 30% of the total amount according to the reservation.        

  • Cancellation on the day of the expected arrival /start of the services/ or no-show is charged in the amount of 50% of the total amount according to the reserved services*        

NB: In specific cases e.g. "Non-refundable discounts and offers" or other visibly marked campaigns, the penalty may be up to 100% of the total amount.

Note: In case of force majeure, including a positive PCR test or other medical problems that could be proved by the corresponding documents issued by the relevant authorities, the sanction will be renegotiated with the suppliers and reduced to the lowest possible level which will cover already incurred costs made to ensure the provision of the booked services.


  1. Claims.             


6.1. Conditions of claims:

 The Clients have the right to make a claim under one of the following conditions:

  • In any event that has led to deteriorating quality of service booked;        

  • If it is impossible for the Tour Operator or its subcontractor to provide requested and paid service.

  • Lack of some of the conditions, as per the reserved product / service - in force only if the Client has not been notified before the launch date and no suitable alternatives have been provided and agreed upon.

  • The services have not been received in the form and volume as described in the offer / reservation / voucher;

  • If the Client has not received what he has booked and paid 100%, and it is provable that the Client is not at fault, including has not prevented or has not decided to deny to use the service, has not made the necessary steps / request on the spot as part of a general package /, has not appeared at the starting time and place, or has not paid in full or presented the necessary documents proving and giving him the right to receive / use the product or service.

  • Misinformation - only in cases where it has led to some of the previous points or to the wrong choice of the Client, which cost him a certain amount / deposit, penalties, etc./ and other significant inconveniences, or naturally in cases where the client has the right to make a claim under the Consumer Protection Act.        

NB: Claims concerning the fulfilment of the undertaken commitments, the non-compliance of which is NOT reported at the place of performance of the service to our representatives and are not substantiated by the relevant protocol or evidence, are NOT legitimate unless stated in some of the applicable laws;

6.2. Tour operator's reaction.

We usually respond on the same day of the claim submission on spot and take the necessary steps in order to fix everything as soon as possible. 

To be official, the claim must be sent by the Client, and submitted through the official telephone number, email or personal contact with our representatives on site.

To be valid, the claim must be checked and justified on spot by our representative or backed up the relevant documents: protocol, pictures, and other evidence if necessary.

6.3. Procedure for the internally filed claims.

Internal claim - the filing of a claim by the Client directly to the Tour Operator, without the participation of third parties / authorities, etc./.

All claims, if justified, are subject to settlement on the spot. A special protocol is created for each officially filed claim, signed both by the Client and by the representative of the Tour Operator.

If it’s not possible to take action to correct the problem or to compensate the clients on spot, the client has the right to present the claim till 14 days after the last date of the booked service for further consideration. In this case, the Client must present the protocol and all other accompanying documents to justify the event. We will provide a proposal for compensation after 14 days after the filing of the claim.

IMPORTANT: In case of inconsistency of the texts above with the respective legal provisions, the last remain valid.



  1. The Tour operator undertakes: 


  • To provide to the Client all paid products and services in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions and the Specific conditions as per each service.


  • The tour operator has the right to withdraw from its commitments without bearing any responsibility if the Client does not make payments within the established deadlines and thus does not fulfil its obligations. The fact of payment is certified by a duly executed document, by the documents listed in the previous clauses or by the generally accepted and supported documents by the Law.


  • If the Client refuses to pay the final amount, with a deposit already paid, the liability of the Tour Operator is limited to the conditions for Cancellation of a reservation as described under the provisions of the relevant paragraph above.  


  • The Tour operator has concluded an insurance contract No. 13062110000132 under Art. 42 of the Protection Act with IC “Lev Ins” Jsc., 67 A, Simeonovsko Shose blvd., Sofia., Tel .: 02/404 94 92; 0800 15 333. The certificate for the concluded contract is available on the Website.             


  • The tour operator has issued license with number PK-07-688 issued by the Ministry of Energy and Tourism on 21.02.2012. The certificate of the contract is available on the website.             


  1. The client undertakes:             


2.1. When traveling in Bulgaria, the Client is obliged to provide the necessary valid personal documents / passport /, prepared in accordance with the laws of the EU and the Republic of Bulgaria. 

2.2. If the actual user of the prepaid reservation is a person under 18 years of age /considered minor according the Bulgaria law/ and who travels alone, this person must submit a notarized declaration from both parents that they agree to his residence in the destination. (If the minor travels with one of his parents, it is necessary for him to have a notarized consent from the other parent).

At least one person on the reservation must be an adult or, if the minor is part of a child / adolescent group, the group's responsible persons must be adults and be able to provide complete documentation entitling them to perform the relevant function.

2.3. The client undertakes to pay in full and on time the value of the booked services - as described in the General Terms and Conditions above or in the relevant Specific conditions as per the offer.

2.4. To observe the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.


  1. The client has the right to:             


3.1. Uses the Website in accordance with its policies. 

3.2. Order and purchase the relevant products and services. 

3.3. Makes changes, payments, cancellations in accordance with the policy of the Website. 

3.4. Communicates and files claims in accordance with the Website Policy.

3.5. In case of violation of the Personal Data Protection Act - GDPR to report to the relevant authorities * 

3.6. In case of violation of the Consumer Protection Act or its rights under the Act, to report to the relevant authorities. * * 


* Contacts of the Commission for Personal Data Protection:

Address: 2, Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov, Sofia, 1592

Contact centre: tel: 02 / 91-53-518,

Working schedule of the physical office: 9:00 - 17:30,

Email: [email protected],

Web page:


** Contacts of the Consumer Protection Commission:

Address: 1, Vrabcha Str., Floor 3-4-5, Sofia, 1000

Contact centre: tel: 02/933 0565

Working schedule of the physical office: 9:00 - 17:30,

Email: Send email via the contact form on the website below

Web page: https: //www.kzp.b g  


  1. Responsibilities of the parties.             

4.1. The liability of the Tour Operator is limited to that specified in the Bulgarian laws, including the Law on Tourism, the Law on Electronic Commerce, the Law on Consumer Protection, the Law on Personal Data Protection, etc.

4.2. When the liability of the foreign partners of the Tour Operator for damages caused by non-performance or improper performance of the services is limited by international agreements or policies other than that of the Republic of Bulgaria, the liability of the Tour Operator is within these limits. 

4.3. In case of non-performance or incorrect performance by the Tour Operator, It is obliged to compensate the Client for the duly proven damages caused through the fault of the Tour Operator, as stated in the Claims section. 

4.4. The Tour operator can cancel the trip if the cancellation is due to force majeure circumstances. In these cases the Tour Operator is not responsible for non-compliance with the commitments, returning to the Client all amounts paid, except this part of them for already spent for actual costs incurred /insurance, airline tickets, visa fees, deposits, and others/ in order to secure the reservation.

NB: The actual expenses incurred will always be certified by duly executed documents. 

4.5. The Tour operator is not responsible for non-fulfilment of commitments to the Client, in case the reason is the fault of the Client - such as, but not limited to: 

  • Refusal of the authorized authorities to issue a visa or other necessary document to the client;

  • Expired or invalid identity document.       

  • Prevention by the customs and border services of the Client to enter Bulgaria or leave the country of origin due to lack of properly executed documents or violations.

  • Prevention to use the booked services due to prohibition or legal accusation by corresponding authorities. 

  • Missed flights and other schedules;        

  • Failure to appear at the time and place of starting the service described in the offer;        

  • Does not attend, does not require /if this must be done in person by the Client / or leaves in advance the relevant event / service.

  • Has not paid the full amount for the requested services within the specified deadlines / paragraph Payments /

  • Certain person in the reservation was replaced with another without coordination with the Tour operator deadlines / paragraph Changes requests /;

  • Has not presented on spot relevant documents, certifying its right to receive / use the appropriate products and services; and others.

4.6. The Tour Operator shall not be liable for non-performance or incorrect performance of the contract if the reasons for this are due to: 

  • Actions of a third party, not related to the implementation of the contract / which are not contractual partners of the tour operators in the implementation of the reserved service / including: representatives of other companies, other clients / even if they are clients of the Тour operator / etc. ;        

  • Force majeure circumstances and events that cannot be foreseen or avoided by the Tour Operator and its contractors during the performance of their duties.        

4.7. If the Tour operator substantially changes any of the main clauses of the contract, he is obliged directly or through the travel agent/partners to notify the Client of the change within two days of its occurrence, but not later than 14 days before the start date of the trip. In this case the Client may: 

a) Accept the changes, which are certified by additional written agreement to the contract, which determines their impact on the price and the other conditions;

b) Withdraw from the contract without paying a penalty or compensation.


  1.                      GENERAL PROVISIONS.


IMPORTANT: The rights, obligations, terms and other details described in these General Terms and Conditions do not affect your legal rights and cannot cancel the prescriptions imposed by the respective laws.


  1. Updates and changes to the General Terms and Conditions. 


1.1. The Tour operator may remove or make changes to the products, information, content, materials, conditions, tools and features of this website at any time without liability and without notice to you, if this does not affect already booked services or your legal rights.   

1.2. The Tour operator reserves the right to immediately terminate or suspend the use or the access to this Website at any time and without notice if it finds that you have violated any of our terms and conditions. 

1.3. The Tour Operator may change or modify all parts of these General Terms and Conditions at any time and such changes or modifications will take effect immediately after their publication. This act will be supported by the relevant notifications by email, when you enter again in the Website or on a visible place on the Website. The Client is responsible to read them thoroughly and to agree/disagree.

1.4. Browsing and continuing the access or use of the Website constitutes an acceptance of the updated Terms and Conditions.


  1.       Disclaimer. 


To the maximum extent permitted by law, we disclaim liability connected with information provided by external references in, and are we are not liable for any losses or damages in bad faith handling and use of our Website, whether you have or not contract with us.

We are not liable for unauthorized damage (including negligence), or consequential damages from this Website, or from any technical interruption or delay in access to this Website due to external reasons. 

To the extent that we guarantee the veracity of the information on our Website, we still allow and do not guarantee the absence of spelling or technical errors.


  1.       Applicable law. is intended mainly for use by citizens of the European Union /but not only/ and for offering all types of tourist services performed on the territory of Bulgaria, the European Union and in some cases - third countries. 

With the visit of this website you agree that the Bulgarian court will deal with any disputes that may arise between you and us, and that cannot be resolved at a lower level.  


We declare that the Bulgarian legislation will be the applicable law in all possible disputes and cases.


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